Life Ring Buoy (30”) for Harbours, Docks, Marinas and Boats

£36.99£47.99 | incl. VAT

Life Ring Buoy (30”) for Harbours, Docks, Marinas and Boats

£36.99£47.99 | incl. VAT

A 30” life ring that’s perfect for use on pontoons, harbour walls, docks, marinas and on boats. 

  • Filled with PU Foam
  • Made in the EU
  • SOLAS Reflective tape
  • MED Ship’s Wheel compliant Wheelmark

Encapsulated throw lines make throwing and retrieving the life ring easier when time is of the essence.


This 30” life ring is well suited for use where there is a straight drop between the rescuer and the person to be rescued. It has a higher level of buoyancy and is less suited to throwing than the lighter weight 24” life ring.  

This 30” life ring features SOLAS reflective tape to help with visibility in low light conditions or rough seas. It is filled with PU Foam to hinder water intake. This aids longevity and gives the life ring an excellent weight to buoyancy ratio.

For use and retrieval, we recommend pairing the life ring with an encapsulated throw line. The throw line is encapsulated within a holder that doubles as a handle and fits perfectly into the ring. 

The life ring may also be paired with a 30m loose floating line. Both the floating line and enapsulated floating line are sold in a bright orange to further aid visibility.

Outside Diameter72cm
Internal Diameter44cm

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


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