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Donaghys Rope is trusted by professional arborists and champion tree climbers.
Please note that arborist rope is less dynamic than other climbing ropes. 

Donaghys Rope

Donaghys are a trusted company that have been trading in New Zealand continuously for 140 years. Initially famous for their ropes, the company now also operates in the agricultural sector. They have a large range of products and pride themselves and their products on trust, reliability and durability. Read more about what they do and the products they offer.

Arborist and tree climbing ropes have less stretch than dynamic ropes that are typically used for climbing. This is to ensure the climber doesn't bounce and waste energy. Fall distances are also typically less and thus stopping distances need to be shorter.

Donaghys lines feature a special outer layer that helps resists heat and friction. The bright orange and blue cougar ropes we sell makes spotting your line easy for both yourself and your crew on the ground.

Donaghys rope is soft and flexible making it easy to tie the knots you need for tree climbing.

If you would like a custom length or a factory fresh reel then get in touch today. Click here to shop all of our arborist lines.

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