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Our range of professional static ropes designed for abseiling, rappelling and haulage.

Abseiling rope

Low stretch and static ropes are often the go-to choice of abseilers, rappellers and rope rescue technicians the world over. Their low degree of stretch allows a controlled, bounce-free descent. Abseiling ropes typically have a ~2% stretch when under a load of normal body weight. These ropes also have practical applications in environments where control is essential such as cave rescue.

Some climbers prefer to abseil on dynamic lines allowing them to use a single line for both ascending and descending.

Our ropes vary from 8mm to 12mm. Thinner ropes are lighter to carry for abseilers whereas thicker ropes will last longer and cause more friction when running through belay devices allowing a slower, more controlled descent.

These ropes can also be used for caving, canyoning and rope access work.

What length of abseiling rope should I buy?

Running out of rope is not something you want to happen halfway down a sheer face. If you are just planning to abseil then you need enough to cover the height of the face plus plenty of spare for tying knots. If you are planning to climb and abseil the face, then you need at least twice that. As a general guide, 40m of rope will cover most indoor abseils, 50m for outdoor climbs and when you start to face some more severe drops then you'll want to go for at least 60m of line.

Have a read of our rope care guide to make sure that you're getting the most out of your abseiling rope. If you would like a custom length or a factory fresh reel then get in touch today. Click here to shop the full range.

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